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New Model Baby Pacifiers

Good quality Glass Baby Bottles for sales
Good quality Glass Baby Bottles for sales
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New Model Baby Pacifiers

New Model Baby Pacifiers

Newborn baby pacifier is a necessary feeding product. The new style baby pacifers developed by KINGSUN BABAY, the main feature is: novel style, convenient use, design of double ribbon cover, silcone nipple like the thumb, it is helpful to keep baby quiet when baby crying or sleeping time, and also is able to effectively ease the itching of the baby's gums when baby's teeth is growing.

The baby sucking is innate,  the parents will often see the baby suck the nipple without eating or sucking fingers except crying, it is actually the baby in the perception and understanding of the world.

It will bring great pressure on the frontal and incisor when baby sucking thumb, also easily cause of malocclusion, and breed bacteria.


International breastfeeding association recommended that it is a good choice breastfeeding baby 2-3 years. not only to meet the needs of the baby's sucking, the baby can get the necessary nutrients from the breast milk, also can enhance the communication between mother and child, and promote the child's physical and mental health. We have the following advantages of pacifiers:

1, Psychology experts believe it will help baby transfer the tension and enhance the sense of security when baby suck until 2 years old , from the baby born to 2 years old in the oral stage, in addition, it will help baby growth health of using nutritive sucking ways, aslo can through the sucking action to promote near the lip and tongue touch, and then make baby feeling more happy

2, The pacifiers will prompt the baby to develop nasal breathing habits, nose breathing can prevent the virus and pathogenic bacteria in the body, mouth breathing is impossible. It's a good choice of using pacifier when you need something to let the children to "shut up". Some experts found that it can let baby develop the habit of naturally closed, prompted him to learn to breathe through the nose.

3, Non nutritive sucking baby is a way to ease the emotional, if there is no pacifier, many babies will suck to achieve the purpose, it is easy because the fingers are not clean and sick, or sucking fingers peeling. If there is such a habit when baby older, may affect the development of the gums.

4, In the latest research, through comparative investigation of the American family is the baby of 500 found that pacifiers can reduce the probability of reaching 60%. This is because the pacifier can let the baby to keep the supine or lateral position, not because of increased risk of sudden death prone, meanwhile, the eating habits will help the baby pacifier with nose breathing, restrain bacteria and dust into the mouth, effectively prevent the "Disease enters by the mouth".

5, Experts believe that 2 years old can not quit the habit of sucking a pacifier, because it can be used to train the baby sucking and swallowing ability, especially for low birth weight infants, can help the mouth and stomach creep functions, and achieve the function of self comfort.

In addition we should pay attention to baby's growth and development, so the different period should use different types of pacifiers, generally 6 months for a month, please noted.


1, If you hit the dirt or dropped on the floor, you should clean it up right away.
2, When baby is using
soother don't tie a rope, because the rope may be too long to the child's neck, arms around, but also may be around the child's bed, so that children can not be active.

3, It should replace a new one when you found the nipple is crack or appeared holes in the surface. If your child sucking force is large, you ought to replace new one more faster.

4, If the child is always bite teat, you should prepared to give him a toy tooth to avoid the child pacifier off, otherwise it will swallow the obstruction in children's trachea, risk of asphyxia.

5, Don't let the children too dependent on a pacifier, we suggested that choose the pacifier similar like mother's nipple.

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