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What is stainless steel baby bottle

Good quality Glass Baby Bottles for sales
Good quality Glass Baby Bottles for sales
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What is stainless steel baby bottle

What is stainless steel baby bottle

Stainless steel feeding bottle is made of stainless steel, it's durable, antibacterial health, easy to control temperature, easy to carry, not easy to break, safe non-toxic, affordable, green environmental protection and other characteristics.


Stainless steel has been recognized multi purpose durable material. Because stainless steel is an alloy material, this material is not only an inert metal corrosion, not breaken, nor because of hot and cold and change. A stainless steel bottle feeding life can be used at least 8-10 years.


Antibacterial stainless steel

It's made of iron, chromium, nickel, nitrogen, pure natural elements, because it is natural antibacterial, high temperature treatment, cleaning safety and convenient in operation, not contain any harmful chemical substances so thes are widely used in the equipment, utensils, food utensils and other fields of dentistry. 

The food or bacteria will be nowhere to hide because the wear resistance of stainless steel, even using dishwasher cleaning it, there is nothing damage.


Easy temperature control

Stainless steel baby bottles are good thermal conductivity, heating speed, easy to control the liquid temperature inside the bottle, it's easier to make the same temperature of stainless steel bottleboth inside and outside, so the baby will not be hurted because the milk is too hot.


Easy to carry, not easy break

stainless steel infant baby bottle is light texture, easy to grasp, easy to carry. Stainless steel baby feeding bottle is very hard to break when fall down, more suitable than glass baby bottles, ceramics and other materials baby bottles, so it's better to use for 1-3 years old kids.


Non-toxic, eco-friendly 

Stainless steel material is BPA free, thes are widely used in the equipment, utensils, food utensils and other fields of dentistry, not contain any harmful chemicals. 


Economic choose

Stainless steel feeding bottle is helpful to common family because it's made of alloy, not precious metals


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